Sara Brashear, M.F.T.
ImageI work with people to heal from trauma and seemingly unbearable losses. Trauma can be from difficult experiences in childhood, illness, accident or even being a victim of crime. You may have bad memories or no memories at all.
You may have trouble sleeping, nightmares, difficulty following everyday conversations, feelings that time goes too fast and too slowly. In some cases, there can even be voices and feelings of not being the same person all the time or not feeling real.
Trauma therapy helps address these difficulties by helping people establish a present moment feeling of safety and then gently and carefully helping the past memories feel as if they are finally over. My approach is collaborative and respectful.
EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Guided Imagery are all proven approaches to healing trauma and I use them as appropriate. Additionally, it is important to heal the relational scars that trauma leaves and I work with you as a whole person to find the best approach for you.
For an appointment to discuss if trauma therapy might be right for you, please give me a call at (707) 361-2493
Sara Brashear
Marriage and Family Therapist
License MFC #51676
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