Medicine Walk
This one day retreat offers an opportunity to commune deeply with nature.  In a community of support we walk on the land alone.  During our time with the natural world and the invisible one's, who are our sacred witnesses,  we set an intention.  The request is for guidance to clarify our life purpose and dream.  We ask in a prayerful manner and walk in a sacred way.  In silence we wait, keenly tuned to the medicine signs offered by wind, clouds and the creature beings who accompany us.   We learn to listen with fresh ears and to open our heart and mind to the mystery.   We trust the guidance that comes.  Join us for a day that promises rich gifts and insights.  Learn the practice of gratitude as we dance the dream awake.  Learn the "Dance of Life"  a moving native prayer that honors the directions of the Medicine Wheel.

 A medicine walk promotes the practice of walking in a sacred way, restoring balance, both inner and outer by becoming a sacred human.  One who cares for the integrity of their own sacred hoop.   Learn to create and strengthen a container of self with strong yet permeable boundaries.  Through this initatory process it becomes possible to recognize and claim one's true Self.  We practice what it means to not overextend or hold back,  what is alive in us each moment.   We cultivate both the horizontal relationships we extend to one  another and the vertical one to the divine above and below.  It is through this practice that we ground the medicine wheel that is within.  We each carry this blue print of wholeness in our cellular structure.  It is both our birthright and responsibility to claim..  The Native American medicine wheel is also the foundational paradigm that deepens the  understanding of the truth of "One heart.  As each of us finds the courage to claim own our limits and our gifts, our medicine.  We build a rainbow bridge that opens the way for all people.  We are each a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth.  We are all  medicine for our world!  There is a reason you were born now, at this pivital time of change on this planet.  Join us to discover your personal medicine that is needed now and that makes a difference.
As Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world"
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