Dreaming With The Ancestors: Canyon de Chelly

The wilderness Quest is an ancient rite of passage to mark life's transitions in a meaningful way. It is a call from within the heart to leave one's daily life and to enter the body of the Earth for renewal, guidance and clarity as one's deepest nature is reflected in the power of Canyon De Chelly and her sister canyons.

ImageCanyon De Chelly is located in North Eastern Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. It is a remarkable ancient river bed teeming with mystery and magnificence.

The sheer red rock cliffs tell the stories of the Anasazi, the Navajo name for the ancient ones,  who once lived here hundreds of years ago. Their cliff dwellings, pictographs and petroglyphs mark what remains of a thriving community of farmers and potters whose ceremonial lives were centered around the cycles of the Earth. The Hopi believe they are the descendants of these "ancient one's." The stories and legends of both the Navajo and the Hopi were surely inspired by what these old ones left behind. It is an honor and privilege to walk in their foot steps, and be touched by the stark landscape that shaped their lives and the lives of all who now enter this sacred place.


ImageSpider Rock and Talking rock hold the secrets. Walk among the cottonwoods and sage; enter into the magic that is carried in the wind and rain that purify both body and soul.

This journey includes three days of orientation and exploration of the canyon environment, a national treasure and rich resource of flora and fauna. Together we encounter the canyon first from above, witnessing it's majestic presence from the rim.  This introduction allows us to gain a perspective of the vastness of the land. We next enter on foot as the Ancient One's did. A third entrance is on horse-back for those who wish to experience it in the Navajo way.  They are now the keepers of the canyon and many still make this place their summer home. We will hear stories, perform ceremonies and spend time with our Navajo guides,  while developing a relationship with the elementals, the spirits and the land.

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