Awakening the Medicine Singer - Join us for a Ten-Month Journey
This once-a-month Sunday gathering incorporates teachings from the Twenty Count, a powerful ancient wheel of change and transformation.

Apply the wisdom of these teachings through ceremony and council. 


The guidance of our night dreams assists in deepening our commitment to recognizing the Sacred Dream or our life purpose.   


At each of the eight gateways stands a Council Chief that mirrors our inner council.  The chiefs represent aspects of our personality.   As we come to recognize these qualities they help to deepen our capacity for healing ourselves and  our relationships.


This ancient paradigm informs and strengthens our connection to the the global community.  It assists us to identify our place in the greater web of life.

This wheel is a mirror  that reflects our inner nature.  It provides a way of inquiry that is potent and archetypal. It echoes the seasonal cycles as they are woven into the cycles of our life.

Dates:  Opening Circle September 23, 2007 (over-view of the 20-Count)

 21-Oct-2007 (South-West)

18-Nov-2007 (West)
16-Dec-2007 (North-West)
20-Jan-2008 (North)
17-Feb-2008 (North-East)

16-Mar-2008 (East)
20-Apr-2008 (South-East)

18-May-2008 (South)
17-Jun-2008 (Retreat)

Place:  Center for the Healing Arts, Sonoma
Time:   10:00AM-5:00PM
Cost:  $150 per session- cost includes all supplies and an individual medicine talk

Information:  call Teresa Rousseau  (707) 939-0844
Early registration encouraged as space is limited.


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