What is the Circle of Life?
 ImageThe circle is a symbol of wholeness and connection. In the way of Native American people, it is called The Medicine Wheel. The wheel is a moving mandala. It mirrors our inner nature through the gateway of the natural world. It informs our journey, just as the seasons deeply impact our experience. The wheel is a psychological and spiritual paradigm of self-discovery. Through inquiry we come to recognize those parts of ourselves that are out of balance. The wheel can be utilized in numerous ways to illuminate patterns of behavior and beliefs that no longer serve our higher purpose and that create suffering.

  Following this simple, yet profound ancient system for healing, we learn to return to the center of our selves. This allows us to trust ourselves and let go of fear and need to control. When we live from the center of our sacred hoop, the space that defines who we truly are, magic happens.  We discover the possibility of balance, beauty and wholeness. We are in the right relationship to the great mystery as it directs and informs our journey. We discover we are not alone, but in a co-creative relationship with all that is. We are then able to witness the unfolding of not only our personal dream, but the greater Sacred Dream of Life.
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