The Medicine Wheel
The Medicine Wheel is an ancient map of consciousness--a mirror through which to see ourselves. 

It reflects our potential for change and wholeness.  All things are contained within the Medicine Wheel: within it all things are equal.  It is a moving mandala and invites the practice of living in balance. Balance naturally brings us to the center of this sacred hoop of life.  We travel the wheel learning the lessons of the four great powers, the four directions...always spiraling home, into the center, the place of all beginnings and endings.  The Medicine Wheel is a container for all the major life issues we are challenged to face in the course of our lifetime.  It provides a frame of reference for the mundane, miraculous and mysterious realities of being human.

The wheel addresses our intellectual, psychological, physical, spiritual and emotional natures, in a simple yet profound way.  It helps to make sense of the vastness of our experiences.  It creates a system of wholeness that is the foundation and the root to connecting to soul.  The soul at the center of our being and the soul of the world.  It addresses both the concrete and the symbolic forms inwhcih life manifests. Each direction on the wheel offers a different perspective or vantage point.  It is one piece in the puzzle of self discovery. It assists in understanding how and where that particular piece fits into our personal map.


The wheel clarifies where balance is needed in order to experience greater wellness and a sense of wholeness as we utilze the resources it offers. 

Remembering our place in the circle of life, we can begin to relax and feel a deeper connection to our essential nature. Image

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