The Medicine Way - Earth Wisdom within the Medicine Wheel
ImageIntroduction to the Medicine Wheel.  The Medicine Wheel is an ancient map of consciousness - a mirror that reflects our potential for balance and wholeness.  We travel the Wheel learning the lessons of the four directions, and return to the center - the place of all beginnings and endings.  The Medicine Wheel provides a container for the major issues that challenge us.  It addresses our psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional natures in a simple, yet profound way.  It sheds light on our experiences, addressing both the concrete and symbolic.  This bi-monthl evening circle is open to those new to the medicine way as well as those who have sat in past circles, as these sacred teachings continue to inform and enrich our lives. About Teresa Rousseau: Through years of developing my work as an ecopsychotherapist,I found working with the Medicine Wheel offered my students and clients a way of seeing themselves and the world in a more related and sensitive way. The Wheel is a paradigm of balance, wholeness and integration. My work as a healer, therapist and teacher found a frame that offers personal insight and a pathway back to wellness. The Navaho's call it the Beauty Way. Authenticity, empowerment, integrity and emotional intelligence are enhanced and facilitated by seeing oneself through this lens. It opens students to a greater reality in which they can recognize the interrelatedness of not only humans, but all of life. Quantam theory of the unified field confirms what indigenous peoples have understood. It is foundational to how the world and our place in it is seen. The teachings of the Circle of Life assists students to see how the choices we each individually make impact the whole. Unity and oneness are the root and foundation of this ancient system. The Medicine Wheel or what I often call the “Circle of Life” is a container that holds the elements needed for creating a balanced way of living. The wheel is cross-cultural. It can be seen as a moving mandala. It mirrors our inner nature through the gateway of the natural world. It informs our journey, just as the seasons deeply impact our experience of being alive. The wheel is a psychological and spiritual paradigm of self-discovery. It can be utilized in numerous ways to illuminate patterns of behavior and beliefs that create suffering. I offer students an opportunity for direct and engaged learning. The wheel is both a didactic framework as well as a living system. It inspires personal inquiry and is applicable to embodied learning that incorporates mind, body, heart and spirit. We will work in a multimedia frame with imagery, music, and movement. Students are encouraged to participate both through discussion and fair witnessing which is taught in a council process. Council allows each person to speak from their heart to the group. There is no cross talk. Who ever is speaking has the floor. Respect and honor are practiced through this type of communication.

The Wheel is based on the Plains Indian Wheel of North America.


The teachings incorporate the seasons, elements, races, and animal totems.  Goddesses from cultures of the four directions are also incorporated.


The Wheel as a Tool for Insight
The medicine wheel is a diagnostic tool. It is a framework for discovery that naturally lends itself to deepening ones relationship to self, others and the cosmos. It is a map that when followed brings one to the Authentic Self. Walking the beauty way, one recognizes where they have become fragmented and have experienced soul loss.


Soul loss is usually the result of family dysfunction, social or cultural abuse due to class, gender, age and race. The wheel provides a way to return to an original state of grace and claim our "original medicine," which is both our birthright and responsibility.


Mitakuye Oyasin

Women are by nature relational and the wheel is about relationship as the natural way of being on this planet. "Mitakuye Oyasin" is a Lakota phrase, meaning "we are related or all my relations." The wheel teaches that we are all interrelated. The value and beauty of this ancient system is that it is inclusive.  As Men come to develop their inner feminine nature, their natural desire to be in relationship with themselves and others deepens.


This time on the planet calls both men and women to integrate the qualities intrinsic to the opposite gender in order that we live more whole and integrated lives.


The Wheel teaches how to begin to restore balance within our self and in the world. The time is now to gather our hearts and our voices, to speak out on behalf of all creature beings. These teachings are about inspiring us to reflect, reconnect, restore, remember and return to our original state of wholeness, grace, beauty and love.


We are the ones we have been waiting for!!!!


note: Teresa Rousseau presented this workshop in July 2007, in Sydney Australia at the Gathering The Women Conference. 

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