The Wilderness Quest: A Quest for Vision
The Wilderness Quest is a strong way to step out of ordinary reality and enter into direct relationship with the invisible forces. It assists in deepening our connection to our life dream and purpose.

The process is designed to encourage and inspire us to fully enter into relationship with those challenges that allow access to our unique cutting edge. It provides an opportunity to "make fear an ally," exploring deeply the nature of our fear and discovering a possibility for empowerment.

The Wilderness Quest can act as a personal soul retrieval and a gateway to remembering and reclaiming disowned parts needed for finding wholeness, balance and beauty.

"Together in a community of support we practice what it means to "dance the dream awake!" We are each requested by our own soul's call to rise to what it means to truly live an authentic life, one that is centered in owning our self-authority.

Once initiated through this powerful ceremony, we are made ready to offer our gifts to the world.

The three phases of a Wilderness Quest
SEVERANCE: The first phase of the Quest is a preparation to leave behind the many spects of daily life and home, that which is familiar. This phase involves the teachings and organization necessary to ready one's self for the journey. It also includes getting to the wilderness site to set up base camp and your own questing site. We will provide safety procedures, wilderness ethics and pointers on minimal impact camping. No prior experience in any of these areas is necessary.

THRESHOLD: The second phase of the quest is your solo time with the earth. After passing through the threshold circle, enter the sacred realm where you will spend two to four days and nights in your medicine place. Be with yourself and Mother Earth and all the invisible ones. This alone time allows you to seek your soul's vision and truth through self-reflection, silence, ceremony and deep inquiry. The mirror of the natural magical world deepens and inspires spontaneous insights to arise. It provides a strong reflection that echos the sacred life within. You return with your vision and prepare to bring health and renewal to your life and community.

The third phase begins with your return passage through the 'Threshold Circle and into your questing community at base camp. This stage is also referred to as INCORPORATION. Upon your return, a council of elders (your guides) assists you with incorporating and grounding your Threshold experience through story-telling and ceremony. This is the most challenging part of the quest as you now bring the teachings gathered during your time in nature to integrate them into your daily life.

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