What is Wholeness?
 Image Wholeness is a way of being in life that integrates the essential aspects of being human. To live in balance and beauty, our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healh needs to be addressed. A disturbance in our over-all sense of well-being happens if any one of these areas is not attended to.

Wholeness inspires insight into what really matters and has true meaning to us. It supports cultivating a peaceful heart. It is from an integrated sense of wholeness that we can claim our gifts and talents as an offering to life.  We find right relationship to ourselves and to the world when we feel whole and integrated inside. The challenge is to remain curious and open to who we are becoming rather than falling into fear and judgement. Change is the natural outcome.  We then more easily relax and fulfill our unique purpose. It is in finding our life dream and living it as  an offering to the world, we naturally experience a greater sense of peace, joy and wholeness!
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