Fall 1998 Newsletter

Invitation to Unmask 

As the strength of the blossoms of Springtime are determined by the fullness of Autumn and Winter, being reborn comes only from dying first.


Similarly, to bring the underlying face of oneself forward, it is essential to unmask first. This process of unmasking is what this season asks of us humans. It is the time of going within, to diving into the pool of inner knowing; to dropping our mask to see what this season asks: going within, to diving into the pool of inner knowing, dropping our mask to see what is underneath. Just as the rose that blooms midsummer cannot keep its flower forever, but instead must drop its petals for the rose hop- the seed of its very life - to emerge, we too are called to do the same. We must let fall all the petals or leaves of our majestic being that no longer give us life; give them away to the Earth, let them fly to the Sky on the winds of change. Then pull our energies in to take stock, to give our giving the rest it needs.

We see our outer mask every day: in the mirror in the morning, in our friend's eyes over tea, in our lover's smile, in our child's laughter, in our project's completion... in endless small and great ways. Yet how often do we look long enough to see what lies underneath the face we show the world? Autumn asks that we look longer, that we lift away that external layer in the safety of the extended darkness to see the tender face beneath. We never have to do this. Just as we can feast on peaches from New Zealand in mid-winter while laughing at the bare fruit trees outside our window, we can defy what we are called to do by nature. Or we can journey inward with fear in one hand and courage in the other; descending in search of he unknown face within.

We fear finding nothing: a face empty and blank, seemingly worthless. We fear finding a monster, any number of possibilities. We fear that if we see this frightening face it will stick forever, not realizing that it, too, can be worn for a moment ten let fall. Yet we also have courage. We are drawn down, like Persephone as in a trance, by the very nature of our being to seek, to explore, to expand. Who else lives within? Who else wishes to show her or his face? What other blossoms lie waiting to flower, giving life, beauty, and inspiration to all who see? Who, truly, am I?

I invite you to dive into your own inner pool this season. Journey within to see who you really are. Deepen yourself. Know the dark of the inner life just as all the elements and creatures - are reacquainting themselves with their wonderful darkness. And remember to relish the ride; it is life itself.

Katrina Maya-Smith

The Stream...
This Stream is dedicated to Vision Questers who, inspired by the emptying, by the pulse of the Earth and Sky, by meeting themselves in all that they see, contribute these following pieces to share with you all....

In beauty, I walk the Red Canyon, undisturbed concerning the passage of time. My crone's eyes gaze upon the reddening hues of sunset in the canon. My maiden's heart has come home to the wisdom of the ancients.

Vallie Yellow Lizard

Sun Rising Snake
rising up
the Kundalini uncoiled breaks through the jeweled crown and kisses Father Sun.
rising up
the Kundalini uncoiled breaks through the jeweled crown and kisses Father Sun....again

Not much time has passed since returning home from Vision Quest, yet time has utterly changed; without that familiar feel of time I float in Great Mystery's sea...great ball court of the vision dance, great ball court of reconciliation, great ball court of transformation. I have lived in no-time, and shed the skin of lifetimes. I have returned unrecognizable, and yet I am who I have always been. I have seen the snake rise and kiss the rising within another within another within another. I have seen the butterfly rise and kiss the rising moon. I have seen the bright ones, the light ones, the angels rising to kiss the zenith moon. Enlightenment is not a one-time experience. It is the ever rising inner being, growing, seeking, and finding the wisdom that leads to growing, seeking, and finding the wisdom to seek again.

Threasa Hibbett

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