An Environment for Deep Healing: Earth Dance

Therapy for heart, mind and soul: The Center for the Healing Arts in Sonoma, California, houses a place for shared spirituality, dream interpretation, gatherings, massage, weddings and events. Join our mailing list (by registering on the home page) for upcoming Vision Quests, Medicine Wheel workshops, classes and lectures.


ImageEarth-centered spirituality informs the psychotherapeutic practice of Teresa Rousseau, director of the Center for the Healing Arts. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1984, and a Universal Life minister, Teresa specializes in Jungian-trained dream analysis, a practice which unites the principles of Earth Stewardship with psychological wellness. "The images and symbols from dreams are akin to the divine imagery given us by many systems of the sacred," says Teresa. "We find them with equal frequency in the psyche and in nature."
Rousseau is also a veteran Wilderness Quest Guide, leading groups to sacred sites in Arizona (Canyon de Chelly), Hawaii (Big Island) and Mendocino and Sonoma Counties (local) to find the indigenous soul of the location, and the magic that it brings to the spirit. Visitors to the Valley of the Moon (Sonoma, CA )  Center find seasonal gatherings that mark the cycles of the Earth and Sun, medicine wheel, and other cross-cultural teachings in events, practices and ceremony, to expand their connections to earth and ecologically conscious, social awareness. The Center features a Peace Pole whose origins started in Japan after World War Two and are found in countries around the world.

The Center gardens, patios and ceremonial spaces are all gathering places for groups and events. Workshops, seminars and programs are held in a historical landmark, a building created originally as a retreat for the Bay Area city dweller. It was a hot springs resort, used for fishing, and recreation, once a part of the original Sonoma Pueblo, and still owned by someone who remembers.

Feel your connection to a community-based practice where the ancient lifeways meet our new era: Let's slow down enough to step into the higher frequency of what is being demanded of us in these modern times. Bridge a need for nature to counter and balance the stresses of today.

Significant rites of passage are offered for major life transitions: Weddings, pregnancy, deaths, and births are marked with special meaning and intention with ceremony,

Therapists and other healing practitioners offer a variety of disciplines to promote overall wellness. Find right livelihood, improve financial prospects, integrate higher concepts of learning and loving while taking advantage of membership, or just casually dropping in.

Check the calendar for movies, lectures and meetings. Join us in person, or on-line with our mailing list to learn more about the Center, healing, quests for (inner) vision. Check the Practitioners section to find healers for different needs.