Marsha Copeland, C.M.T.
ImageWhen I decided in 1994 to leave the corporate environment, massage came to mind.

My work for the previous 16 years had been in the Western medicine field of cardiovascular surgery.

From marketing assistant to product manager and then to sales, my experience covered a range of skills. In the process of a corporate merger, my position with “the company” was eliminated. With encouragement from my husband, I sought a life path change and found a massage school. The Amma Institute in San Francisco is where I received my certification as a trained practitioner in the traditional Japanese form of massage. I took a basic 300 hour program in 1994. Once receiving my training, I went on to apprentice with my teacher for 2 more years. As I learned from him and others, I worked in a spa and with my own clients.

Over the next several years I have continued my training. These trainings included the techniques for Swedish, deep tissue, pre-natal, reflexology and hot stone massage.

My philosophy for massage and bodywork is to work with each client according to their needs and body type. I listen to where each one wants to go with a session. I encourage purchasing 4 sessions at one time. It gives each person a chance to feel the difference receiving massage on a regular basis makes for themselves.

To make an appointment, please call 707-367-2894.

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