Earth Dance Circle

   Earth Dance Circle began as a vision born in a Native American sweat lodge ceremony in 1986. We offer community gatherings that promote the healing of ourselves and our planet through Earth-Centered Spiritual practices.  We are dedicated to bringing awareness to the interconnectedness of all beings in order to create greater peace in our world. 

Our educational programs teach that all life is sacred.   Earth Dance Circle is dedicated to practices that are essential threads in restoring wholeness to the web of life.   We are committed to the work of remembering, returning, reconnecting  and restoring that which is authentic within as mirrored in the natural world.  Our work offers a bridge for cross-cultural wisdom and reaches all ages, promoting peace, respect and honor of all life ways.. Our mission is to be agents of change.  We are fulfilling the prophecy of the meeting of the Eagle and Condor.   Individual and collective ceremony is created  with the intention to re-establish health, joy and balance to ourselves and our world.



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