About the Center for The Healing Arts

The Center for The Healing Arts provides a variety of professional health services, including: Ayurvedic Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Energy Kinesiology, Money Coaching, Physical Therapy, Psychotherapy, and Therapeutic Massage.  See the contact page for their specialty or find their name in practitioners.


We are physicians of the soul, and health care professionals who view the health of Imagebody, mind and spirit as deeply interconnected.


In addition to offering professional health services, The Center for The Healing Arts hosts workshops, support groups, lectures, and special events.


Significant rites of passage are offered for major life transitions: Weddings, pregnancy, deaths, and births are marked with special meaning and intention with ceremony. Therapists and other healing practitioners offer a variety of disciplines to promote overall wellness. Find right livelihood, improve financial prospects, integrate higher concepts of learning and loving while taking advantage of membership, or just casually dropping in. Check the calendar for movies, lectures and meetings. Join us in person, or on-line with our mailing list to learn more about the Center, healing, quests for (inner) vision. Check the Practitioners section to find healers for different needs.


The Center features a Peace Pole whose origins started in Japan after the second world war and are found in countries around the world. The Center gardens, patios and ceremonial spaces provide gathering places for groups and events.


Workshops, seminars and programs are held in a historical landmark, a building created originally as a retreat for the Bay Area city dweller. It was a hot springs resort, used for fishing, and recreation, once a part of the original Sonoma Pueblo, and still owned by someone who remembers.


The building, patio and grounds are available by reservation to the public as a location for seminars, classes, or special occasions, weddings and celebrations. Currently, the main entry serves as a revolving art gallery, exhibiting the works of local artists. 


The Center for The Healing Arts is housed in a historical adobe, dating to the original Sonoma pueblo established around 1850. In the past, it has served as a train station, The Sonoma Grove Resort in 1902, and a schoolhouse. Today it is a destination hosting peaceful gardens and a serene old house.

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