What is Eco-Psychology?

ImageIn the face of global environmental crisis, eco-psychology offers a re-orientation of Selfhood, mindful of that which is cross-culturally and historically healing for humanity.


C.G Jung called it individuation.

The same soul journey towards authenticity is named by different cultures: "Follow the yellow brick road (Wizard of Oz)," "the pollen path (Navajo)," "the good red road," cross the rainbow bridge" and find a vision of return to a place we never left. The journey identifies what is necessary for restoring beauty and balance to ourselves and our world. Our meander is a deliberate "way home," to the only home we have ever had. It brings us to our true nature and it reaches to the heart of the natural world.   If we don't feel a connection to Earth, then how can we possibly find that which sustains us?

Mental illness and dis-ease grow from a disconnection from ourselves and our place in the greater tapestry. If our sense of intrinsic value is lost we are unable to recognize and honor the unique thread that we can offer life.

Indigenous wisdom, wherever found on Earth, suggests that each human is "original medicine," as coined by Angeles Arrien, cultural anthropologist.

The process invites the questions: 'What must I give away to live an authentic life? And what must I claim?"

When one is willing to deeply consider these questions, an inner inquiry begins. We can find a meaningful connection between our inner world and our outer works: What makes each of us unique is the bridge between these two, the "medicine" we carry is the antidote to our family of origin wounding.   It is not just personal, but also collective (family of humanity) -- histories which have created the global crisis.

Our "medicine" is the solution we may offer the world. This realization meets a shared collective need for contribution.

EcoPsychology serves as a "bridge over troubled waters."  It elicits our greater purpose and authenticity by helping to define our place in the circle of life. Indeed, we are in union and not separated from the web of life. We are intrinsically interwoven into its beautiful yet fragile fabric. It is essential that our individual color is woven into the grand weaving.

Home is this beautiful blue-green jewel Planet Earth, spinning through time and space.

"There's no place like HOME," as Dorothy proclaimed in the myth that informs this historic time (Wizard of Oz). This recognition takes on greater meaning and importance as all the platitudes take root in the heart, no longer just as words, but also feelings: Home is where the heart is.

It is through this recognition that we discover our connection to something greater than ourselves. Eco-Psychology offers a way to reconnect and return to an authentic life.

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