Sacred Journeys

The Wilderness Quest is an ancient rite of passage done to ritualize life's transitions in a meaningful way.


A sacred journey takes us deep into the wilderness of our own psyche.  It can happen in nature, in our own backyard or in our dreamtime.  A sacred journey invites us to reconnect with that which is essential in our nature.  We cross a gateway of initiation each time we embark with intention, on a journey we hold as sacred.  There are places in nature that are natural portals for accessing the earth's energy. They inspire us to deepen and open to the possibility of transforming who we are,  to who we are becoming. Ceremony done in a sacred place on the planet,  in conjunction with support of a guide and community,  offers the unique opportunity of our story  being witnessed.

Making a commitment to step out of our ordinary relationship to time and space offers a profound way to discover greater meaning and purpose.  A sacred journey can mark a time of loss and grief as well as birthing a new way of being.  It strengthens our understanding of what must be given away and what must be claimed in order to live an authentic life.


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